Jim Hall, Principal Consultant, has over 20 years
of experience working in advanced process
control in oil refineries and petrochemical plants
worldwide. He understands the process and the
things that are going to make the controller work
smoothly. Jim Hall has extensive experience with
Aspen's DMCplus® and Honeywell's Profit
Controller® (RMPCT).
Repeat Clients
We have implemented multiple projects for
90% of our clients, which speaks strongly of the
quality of our work and their satisfaction with
the solutions implemented. From design to
commissioning, Hall Controls has made it work
again and again.
By providing hands-on training, we equip site
engineers to self-support and maintain
controllers, ensuring sustained benefits. Site
engineers gain broad process control experience
so they can assist in future APC solutions.
APC projects yield large benefits for relatively
small capital outlays. Projects implemented
deliver benefits in the magnitude of millions
annually, achieving project payback within
months. Hall Controls keeps our overhead low
so we can offer competitive rates.
Control Solutions
Controller Revamps
Onsite Client Training
Hall Controls specializes in providing engineering services to oil refining and petrochemical
companies. Hall Controls improves our customers' competitiveness by providing advanced
process control and optimization solutions which regulate operating parameters to ensure
product quality, process safety, plant profitability, and environmental performance.

Advanced process control and optimization utilizes software, control algorithms and control
hardware computing power to generate large benefits for relatively small capital outlays,
making the return on investment very attractive for our customers.
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